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The core of InSpaceSync is its synchronization engine. Allowing you to edit inventory on BrickLink, BrickOwl or with BLS Manager. It tracks all inventory changes, and creates regulair backups and snapshots.


Use the web-portal to pick orders from your phone, tablet or use a computer with BLS Manager.

Supports picking one or several orders at the same time with multiple people.


Generate and receive daily, weekly or monthly reports in your email.

Track inventory size, oversold items, sync issues, sales, customers and countries you shipped to.


Receive notifications when important events happen in your email, on Slack and Discord.

Select the events you want to be notified of, repeat the ones that are important.

Inventory History

InSpaceSync tracks all changes made to inventory giving you insight in stock, sales and price history.

A snapshot is taken before every change and can be rolled back when needed.


Automated inventory and database backups are made at a customizable interval.

Multiple previous backup files are kept to ensure data safety.

Remote Access

Access your local or Hosted InSpaceSync instance remotely from anywhere in the world.

Our new web-portal gives you access to your local or Hosted InSpaceSync instance.

Power Users

Power users have access to the InSpaceSync Console featuring an extensive command list.

Manage inventory, create or restore backups, generate reports and troubleshoot.

Active Monitoring

InSpace Software is constantly monitoring InSpaceSync's health and status.

We notify and support you when needed.

Active Development

We always try to improve our products, InSpaceSync is in active development with new features being added regularly.


Priority support is available through Live Chat, tickets, email and Discord.

Join our community on Discord.

Local or in the cloud

Sign up for a Hosted instance in the cloud or have full control and install InSpaceSync on your local computer.

A local installation requires 24/7 internet and uptime.

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