Keep inventory identical between multiple marketplaces.

Edit anywhere

Edit inventory on BrickLink, BrickOwl, or use BLS Manager.

Lot history

Track changes to your inventory.


Automatic backups are made at a set interval.


A snapshot is taken before every change.

Oversold & Issues

Receive an e-mail when items are oversold or can't be synced.


System health notifications per e-mail, Slack or Discord.

Web Dashboard

All system information on your favorite browser.

Web Orders

Pick orders using your phone, tablet, browser, or BLS Manager.

BLS Manager

The Windows version is integrated in BLS Manager.

Active developent

Frequent updates with fixes, improvements, and new features.


Support available though e-mail tickets and Discord.

Self or cloud-hosting

Keep full control and install InSpaceSync on a Windows server or desktop, InSpaceSync should be running 24/7 and have access to the internet.

We can also host InSpaceSync in the cloud that can be accesed from the web portal.


Installation Local Hosted Hosted
Product Control Panel
BLS Manager
Control Panel
Windows VM
Control Panel
BLS Manager
Setup Self + Support
30 minutes
10 minutes
Self + Support
1 day

DiscountFirst month free!First month free!First month € 20,-
Price per month€ 15 + 1.2%€ 15 + 1.2%€ 35 + 1.2%
Referral BonusYesYesYes
PaymentPayPal | IBANPayPal | IBANPayPal | IBAN

Inventory ToolsYesConsole OnlyYes
Web OrdersYesYesYes

New FeaturesOn ReleaseOn ReleaseOn Release

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Powerful tools

BLS Manager helps you keep track of orders, edit fees, change statuses, and post feedback.

You can pick one or multiple orders at the same time, from a single Windows PC, using a network setup, tablet, phone or browser.

Get insight into your store's sales and inventory through easy-to-read charts.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the system requirements?

    • Server / desktop (24/7)
    • 8 GB RAM, multicore CPU
    • 10GB free diskspace (SSD)
    • Internet connection
    • Windows 10 or 11 / server edition
    • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable
    • .NET Framework 4.8
    • MSSQL Server 2019
    • Administrator privileges

    The cloud version works on any modern browser.
  • Will other operating systems be supported?

    Our products are currently for Windows only, there are no near future plans to support Linux or Mac. The cloud version works on any modern browser.
  • Which marketplaces are supported?

    InSpaceSync can synchronize inventory between BrickLink and BrickOwl.
  • Will other marketplaces be supported?

    We are planning on eventually supporting Shopify, eBay and a local POS system.
  • How do I get a license key?

    A license key can be requested per e-mail or on Discord and is free of charge.
  • What are fees calculated over?

    A 1.2% fee is calculated over your total revenue excluding shipping, additonal costs or tax.
  • What happens with fees for cancelled orders?

    Fees for cancelled orders are credited automatically, partial order refunds are not credited.
  • When are fees invoiced?

    Fees are invoiced on the 20th of the next month.
  • Which payment methods are available?

    Invoices can be paid using PayPal or IBAN transfer.

"We have been using the sync software from InSpace Software for about a year now to keep the Bricklink and Brickowl marketplaces automatically synchronised and up to date.

We use the software in-house on our own servers and it has been running without any significant problems ever since.

In the event of necessary adjustments due to changes on the part of the shop pages, they always react quickly so that there has never been a threat of failure. Even when problems occur, the Inspace Software team is available at all times and is committed to solving the problem.

The software is also constantly maintained and further developed and customer requirements are implemented immediately wherever possible.

We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration for a long time to come. "

Thomas Wesselski

"I have been using InSpaceSync since it was released. I love the ability to change inventory details on any marketplace and it keeps everything synced. I no longer need to stop sync when I make inventory changes and then restart it so it doesn't get confused. I also have true peace of mind knowing that it is actively supported and new features are being added."

Mevit's Bricks

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